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The Patients’ Guide to Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer specialist & medical oncologist Mark Scholz, MD, provides an overview and three patients share their knowledge gained from participating in active surveillance regimens for years.


“It took me several years to obtain much of the information this video provides. This program emphasizes the wisdom of getting several medical opinions, searching out superior treatment centers and the value of support groups. The video encourages not leaping before viewing all options.”

Ralph Detrick,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“This excellent video explains the rationale and patient criteria for considering Active Surveillance as a choice in managing prostate cancer. The language and presentation style is easy to understand.”

Kathy Millson,

“As a prostate cancer survivor for over 16 years, I found this program to be the best prostate cancer video I”ve ever seen. It should be viewed several times because it contains so much valuable information.”

Manny Vasquez,
Houston, Texas

“The content is very timely and reflects the latest medical community trend in not rushing to immediate action upon prostate cancer diagnosis until conditions warrant.”

Mitchell Brown, Chapter Leader
Prostate Cancer Support Group of Mid-Michigan

“This video puts a human face on the dilemma confronting men diagnosed with low-grade
prostate cancer. A great job!”

Stan Rosenfeld,
Marin County, California

“I liked the fact that the men in the video verbalized the systematic thought process that led them to their decision. I particularly like the mention of nutrition and weight loss as part of their decision to do Active Surveillance.”

Gwen Hooper,